Factors That Affect Porta Potty Rental Prices

What You Need to Know About Renting a Porta-Potty

What You Need to Know About Renting a Porta-Potty


The following is a list of the common details that most rental companies demand when renting a porta toilet.

  • proprietorship or company name
  • billing and delivery addresses
  • Call-in number
  • Dates and delivery and pickup window timings
  • Estimated attendance at the event in hours or the number of workers on the job site
  • Regarding this knowledge, the ensuing queries might be raised:
    the percentage of female attendees (Women’s restroom lines are frequently longer; adding more restroom units can reduce audience wait times in general.)
  • Whether food and/or drinks will be served (Eating and drinking make using the restroom more important. A proven diuretic, alcohol also causes people to urinate more frequently than they would with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • payment information


Price Influences for Porta Potty Rentals

  • Seasonality and location availability
  • crowd size and event duration features and add-ons placement and access logistics, scheduling, and prices




  • Rental rates differ depending on where you live, thus prices change.
  • You can expect to pay extra when you travel to an expensive location. In a less expensive neighborhood, you’ll pay less.
  • The cost of delivery and transportation depends on the location of an item.
  • The distance may increase your cost if your venue is distant from the porta potty rental location and the rental agency must travel 30 miles to deliver the portable toilet.

Seasonality and Accessibility

  • Prices may increase when several people need to rent porta potties at once, especially for the more popular sizes.
  • Due to more people attending activities while it’s warm outside, demand is higher on the weekends than it is during the week.
  • To ensure that the rental company has what you need during certain periods, you may need to make your reservations earlier.
  • crowd size and time of the event
  • The two most crucial factors to consider when deciding how many porta potties to rent are the number of attendees and the duration of the event.
  • You will require more units as more guests arrive.
  • To avoid lineups outside or messes inside, you’ll also need extra portable toilets as more people remain longer.
  • Determine whether food and/or beverages, particularly alcohol, will be offered at the event venue or nearby after determining the base ratio.


These elements will have an impact on your needs and the final cost.


features and extras

Simple to “I can’t believe it’s portable,” portable restroom features come in many shapes and sizes.

As you add more extras, the cost increases. Most of the time, these are your options:

Standard: It resembles a contemporary outhouse but lacks running water and electricity.

When something is handicapped-accessible, it is larger than average and complies with ADA standards so that it may be utilized by people who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

Flushing/deluxe: There is typically a urinal, a counter, and a sink with running water, among other features. The toilet flushes.

Private stalls with flushing toilets, heat or air conditioning, counters, lighting, mirrors, sinks with hot and cold water, soap, paper towels, and other amenities are included in restroom trailers.

To make portable toilets cleaner and more user-friendly, you can add a number of amenities to your contract and place them there or close by.


These can include:


Portable sinks with soap, paper towels, and running water are handwashing stations.

Hand sanitizer stations are counters or kiosks with pump-operated or touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers.

The mirrors in porta toilets are quite common.

Certain models of porta potties come with urinals.

Portable air conditioners or heaters: In locations that experience extreme heat or cold, the legislation may stipulate that portable restrooms on construction sites must maintain a specific temperature. (Doing this might also be a kind gesture for attendees of an event.)

High-rise, crane-hook, or rollable units that can be set up in confined, awkward-to-reach areas are also necessary on some building sites.

Before you sign a contract, make sure to enquire about add-ons because not every organization offers them.

logistics, positioning, and access

Rental firms must spend time and money on transportation to make deliveries to you.

Everything the driver must deal with along the road, such as detours, tolls, traffic jams, construction delays, etc., has an impact on the price they charge.

Once the driver arrives at your location, items like closed gates or improperly parked cars can cause issues and increase your costs.

Each portable toilet must be placed within 40 feet of a location that a service truck can access and on a stable, level, dry surface that is simple to access.

(It also doesn’t hurt to place them in an area that is simple for visitors to access.)

schedule for maintenance

If your project lasts for a long time or involves more than one-time frame (such as a two-weekend event) (like a three-month building job).

A maintenance schedule might need to be mentioned in your contract.

The rental provider thoroughly cleans and sanitizes each porta-potty before dispensing it.

This is helpful to know in a time when sanitation and cleanliness are top priorities.

However, you need a servicing and maintenance plan if you rent porta potties for more than a single weekend event; otherwise, your customers will be quite dissatisfied.

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During a maintenance visit, the service team thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all interior surfaces before emptying the tank and refilling it.

Additionally, they replenish the portable toilets’ supplies of toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and hand sanitizer, which is typically included in the rental fee.


When cleaning construction porta potties or restrooms at a lengthy event, the rental company often visits your site once per week.

You might need to arrange cleanings more frequently if you intend to offer food or beverages at your event.

rules and permissions

Although many rental companies take care of permissions as part of the contract, in some locations you might have to take care of them yourself.

Be aware that different work sites, private property gatherings, and public facilities require various permits and follow various restrictions.

Construction sites are included in the definition of a worksite for the purposes of the OSHA and ANSI laws that are established by the city, county, health department, and labor department.

Private property – These can include the rules set by the owner or manager of the property as well as any zoning restrictions or other regional legislation.

When in a public area, like a park, you must follow the rules established by the city, county, parks and recreation department, local zoning boards, and/or health department.

Verify which laws and licenses you are accountable for and which ones your rental company manages.


The rental charge largely covers the costs of porta potty delivery, setup, and removal.

The cost of supplies including soap, paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, blue tank liquid, and deodorizer is covered by an additional amount.

These are a few extra costs that could be incurred:

Typically, a rental deposit is required to protect the company from unforeseen cancellations or property damage. The company will then frequently refund the money or take it off of your final bill.

Cost of damage waiver – Choosing the damage waiver, which is strongly encouraged, is comparable to getting rental car insurance in that it protects both you and the company in case a unit is damaged.

The firm will have your unit available on the days you’ll need it if you pay for the reservation.

Fuel surcharge – Mileage costs for delivery and pickup may be calculated as a flat rate or as a cost per mile.

Garbage-handling fee — Garbage fees cover the expense of the company’s waste disposal at the facility as well as the submission of related paperwork.

Cleaning and maintenance expenses – Weekly cleanings are usually only a minor regular expense, but more frequent cleanings could be more expensive.

A premium price is often charged for porta potty deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays to cover staff overtime.

Expedited delivery fee – In circumstances where a porta-potty is unexpectedly and urgently required, such as in a disaster relief scenario, a rental company would likely charge an additional fee to expedite delivery, typically overnight or within two days as possible.

If you keep the units longer than originally intended, you will be charged an extra cost per day.


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