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Porta Potty Types

Porta Potty Types – Learn About Your Options


Porta potties are an essential component of outdoor events, construction sites, and various special occasions. Understanding the different types available can significantly enhance comfort and convenience for guests and workers.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the various porta potty types, tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Standard Portable Toilets

Features and Uses

Standard portable toilets are the most commonly seen at outdoor events and construction sites. These standalone units come equipped with basic amenities like ventilation, toilet paper, a mirror, and sometimes a sink. They may have a holding tank capacity of up to 60 gallons, making them suitable for short-term usage.

ADA-Accessible Portable Toilets

Ensuring Accessibility

ADA-accessible portable toilets provide additional space and handrails, making them accessible for wheelchairs and individuals with special needs. These units often feature handrails on three of the four walls and are a necessary addition to meet ADA regulations at large events.

Enhanced Options for Comfort and Convenience

Standard with Sink

Standard units with sinks include handwashing facilities, soap, and paper towel dispensers. These are ideal for events and sites where hygiene is a priority.

Standard Flushing

Standard flushing porta potties offer a more upscale experience, with features like reinforced walls, mirrors, sinks, and a flushing toilet. They are particularly popular for weddings and special occasions.

Standardwith Baby Changing Station

For family-friendly events, standard porta potties with baby changing stations are indispensable. These units offer extra room and facilities to comfortably change a baby.

Innovative and Eco-friendly Solutions

Solar Powered Porta Potties

Solar porta potties provide solar-powered lighting and are an excellent choice for events where electricity is unavailable. They are popular for weddings and outdoor parties.

Luxury and VIP Options

Portable Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers offer a luxury option with spacious, clean facilities. They often feature separate men’s and women’s areas, air-conditioning, radio, and lighting.

VIP Restroom Trailers

VIP restroom trailers are available for upscale events, featuring amenities like skylights, granite countertops, cherry wood paneling, and hands-free facilities. They cater to the most exclusive events with their superior comfort and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the benefits of a standard flushing porta potty?

A1: Standard flushing porta potties provide a more comfortable and hygienic option with flushing toilets and sinks, ideal for special events.

Q2: Are solar powered porta potties environmentally friendly?

A2: Yes, solar powered porta potties use solar energy for lighting, making them an eco-friendly option for outdoor events.

Q3: What makes VIP restroom trailers unique?

A3: VIP restroom trailers offer luxury amenities like air-conditioning, high-end finishes, and increased privacy, making them perfect for exclusive events.


From standard units to luxurious VIP trailers, the variety of porta potty options available ensures that every need is catered to, whether it’s for a large public event, a private party, or a construction site.